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An underground anarchist group called All–Russian Insurgent Committee of Revolutionary Partisans tried to eliminate Moscow Committee of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks) and the entire bolshevik elite, including Lenin, Trotsky and others. As a result of the explosion of a bomb in Leontievsky lane, 12 people were killed, another 55 were injured, including Mikhail Bukharin. Among people supposed to have attended the meeting was Vladimir Lenin, who, by a twist of fate, was accidentally late for it and thus ended up being unharmed.

According to Ukrainian historian Viktor A. Savchenko, these anarchists also planned to bomb the Kremlin 1 month later, but were arrested and executed before they could do it.

Among people associated with this anarchist group was an individualist anarchist author Lev Chernyi. Although he was uninvolved with the attack itself, he got shot on fabricated counterfeiting charges later. Other people involved were Makhnovists, Latvian anarchists and anarchists from Moscow.



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Pax wrote

Ugh why are anarchists so bad at assassinations? Is it just that I mostly remember the failures? Somebody needs to make a list.