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subrosa wrote

Why I Am Not a Communist by Apio Ludd is a good one

Individualist can mean a great many things. Often used to mean little more than 'non-communist', which renders the question a bit vague.


Fool wrote

I only know naughty ones.



uanon wrote

This may prove useful. It's a series of debates on the topic, including a lengthy essay on "cybernetic communism" and rebuttals to it.

As well as c4ss authors in general.


ArmyOfNone wrote




uanon wrote

Well, they're relevant to the topic, what's your problem with them?


subrosa wrote

The center for the stateless society is fairly consistent with the anti-state anti-capitalism and the anti-capitalist anti-statism. But they're also quick to conjure Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Marx and Engels, David Graeber, M.I.T. professors, transhumanists and democrats. And things like that.


ArmyOfNone wrote (edited )

And there's also that big, big elephant in the room... that pale petty bourgie transhumanist pedant with an empty stare under his ovoid glasses. Hmmmmms yes that guy.


uanon wrote

I think it's great that they have a unifying idea and a loose band of authors who approach it from different perspectives, some with their own idiosyncracies.

Regarding cybernetic communism, I don't find it convincing at all, but I think it's respectable that they invited a person who genuinely tried to articulate that, and debated her on this. It's not like Aurora Apolito is a regular contributor to C4SS or anything. I mean, people in the anarchist mileu often accuse each other of sectarianism, C4SS online "symposiums" are anything but that.


subrosa wrote

Sure, the C4SS symposium thing is a pretty good format. I wouldn't accuse them of sectarianism.