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existential1 wrote (edited )

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I have an entire philosophy and way of living that I no longer can do based on where I live based on the idea of what we owe to the plants we consume. I agree that treating plants as animals theoretically is not coherent as they have a different life cycle and needs, but I view th opportunity for anarchic symbiosis much higher with plants than fellow animals.


Lettuce wrote

Yeah, interacting with plants as life and not property is so interesting and difficult. I just don't bring it up bc I feel like if people are struggling to understand why animal husbandry is bad inherently then the whole plant thing is really complicated.

Shit was wild I was living in a Forrest for a bit and I walked downtown and I was just horrified upon realizing how like the space that could have been a deep interpersonal relationships with so many beings was just gone and replaced with objects. And it was really profoundly unsettling. Not being arround do many beings u have affinity with makes u feel really vulnerable and sad.

I think anarchic symbiosis with animal is quite easy, tho the conditions are a bit difficult most places as animal are pretty severely restricted in autonomy.