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The very proof we have been infiltrated is the recent posts by the fake Twitter account @IE_ANTIFA. I have said I would ban the account, and have sent out the form to Twitter already. However, a mere two hours after I posted my first post about @IE_ANTIFA, a screenshot of my post had already been tweeted by them. Needless to say, the only ones afraid are they themselves, and hopefully, in a couple of days, they too will be gone from Twitter altogether. However, this is worrying, as I do not think many of us expected such a fast link between fake Antifa accounts and trolls on Raddle, a relatively new community. This is, at least to me, concerning to say the least.



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Defasher wrote

It's a public forum that's been brigaded by pol, voat and r/drama non stop, idk why you'd be surprised that they're watching. They're not 'infiltrating' us, we're not a private group.


Epicalyx wrote


everything is exactly as we assumed it would be!

Close-minded tools are merely moments away from overthrowing raddle! They're not totally obvious or anything!

We're really going to have to go out of our way to fix this

It'll be tough, but I propose we keep doing exactly what we've been doing all along as if we don't give a fuck


Somewhat_marxist_leninist OP wrote (edited )

You mean me? I wasn't trying to turn anyone against anyone. This is exactly what I'm saying: if we can't differentiate who to trust, how are we supposed to know the trolls from the reals?

More seriously though, that was just an honest question. If you check my more recent posts, I've reported two fake Antifa accounts with no plan to stop (@VacavilleAntifa was me, @IE_ANTIFA is still in the process) If you check the former's Twitter page, their header is the notice Twitter has sent them. I'm decently happy with that actually, considering they have over 12K followers.

Anyways, TL;DR, I'm not a troll.


jlwob wrote

Of course there are fascists in our midst. Just assume we are being watched by cops and fasc all the time. Use a VPN and don't talk about illegal stuff online. Basic opsec.


ziq wrote (edited )

a lot like u/marxist...

or 'internationalantifa' before they changed their name and purged their comments of their obvious trolling.

that fash twitter account posting screenshots of everything you say here minutes after you say it isn't helping your case either

fuck off


161 wrote

infiltrated? you do know this is a public forum on the internet, right?