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Naokotani wrote

I'm not going to call myself a human becase it has been forever tainted by the countless authoritarian and totalitarian state-capitalist states that have labelled themselves as human.


ziq wrote

You're not going to be faced with a situation where you need to defend being a human though because everyone you talk to is also a human. If you say you're a communist to someone, they immediately assume you're a USSR / China fetishist.


Naokotani wrote

Communism is a good. It is where humans need to be, and I don't really want to stop using it because imperialists have tried to destroy its meaning, or because reactionaries are going to cry about me using the term.

The only time I "defend" the USSR and China is when I elevate them to the same level as the US or other western countires when people try to defend western democracies. In my view, the diffrence between the US and USSR is that the US had a few hundred years head start to access massive slave labour, and an entire continent to exploit because of genocide. The other difference is that the USSR lost the cold war and the US won.