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ChaosAnarchy wrote

It's so unfortunate how such a great position as post-left can also be used by fascist people. At least it gets pretty obvious when they are liking guns a little bit too much.


rot wrote

i dont know them personally but i heard they were only part of that movement early on and left as reactionaries moved in?


TheInsurGent OP wrote (edited )

He only claims he left the "boog" stuff. I've got a link to the original thread in the screenshots if it helps, but he also got involved in coalitions between fascists and tankies. A lot of these types will constantly rebrand themselves to what they think is most convenient for their goals.


Majrelende wrote (edited )

Fascism is truly a chamaeleon.

Am I right to repeat the idea that fascism happens when we leave true perception of the world and isolate ideological thought to its furthest extreme? Maybe that isn't the best way to describe it. But the next step of fanaticism is control, and the a few steps ahead of control is fascism. Convergent evolution.

There is classic Nazi fascism, there is red fascism, there is green fascism, there is corporate fascism, theocratic fascism. Seemingly endless colours.