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I imagine this has a lot to do with the internet itself rather that specific spaces, so I don't know if there is anything to be done about it, but I just wanted to bring it up. I'm relatively new to the post-left and anarchism in general, I only started getting "radicalized" around mid to late 2021, learning more about post-left stuff around mid to late 2022, and I'm still young and learning a lot, so I don't know if I have much to say here. Funnily enough you can probably tell I'm learning just from me worrying so much about if anything I have to say is valid. While I get a lot of it is memes, sometimes it feels that there is still some idolization to a degree with different figures.

MAJOR DISCLAIMER: I actually don't read a lot of theory or anything, I have a really hard time doing so, especially longer texts, most of the theory I actually read is very short. I get most of my info about different post-left ideas is just from how I've interpreted a lot of basic summaries and explanations, my personal post-left views are still developing. Due to my lack of reading theory, I don't have a lot of context, and don't have any strong connections to any theorists, so take a lot of this stuff I mention with a grain of salt, as I'm probably very underinformed.

Something I saw fairly recently that I seemed like idolization was with Wolfi Landstreicher, who I'll bring up also because I think some post-left people online have criticized him as well, feel free to correct me because I'm probably missing a lot of context. In this situation, someone mentioned some of the things about the guy having possibly defended pedophilia, and someone jumped to the defense of him getting really angry at the person criticizing him, which sort of turned the other person off from learning about post-leftism. I'm trying to choose my words carefully so I don't seem like I'm making accusations, and admittedly this was an interaction I saw on in a post-left space on Reddit, so I don't know if it is a good representation of the post left, for lack of a better phrasing, but a lot of stuff related to pedophilia/CSA and child abuse more broadly relates to parenting culture being very controlling and oppressive in a lot of the world, and adults in general treating children as property or something they can use. I think anything that creates or reinforces power dynamics between adults and children is what youth liberation should be against.

A reason I mention this is it reminds me more recent case of someone going by Anarqxista Goldman, who was fairly well known and read by a decent amount of people, but from what I remember defended pedophilia with the framing of "youth liberation", before getting outed as an infiltrator using a fake identity and being manipulative, a whole situation unfolded. I don't know if these two figures had similar takes, because I haven't read anything from either of them directly, so I'm going to emphasis that I'd genuinely appreciate if someone could explain these things, specifically in a way that is easily digestable so I don't have to go searching through theory just to end up not understanding it. I don't want to misrepresent anyone, so it is important to correct me on this stuff.

I realize I went into a long tangent here and sort of went off-topic, it was a lot and I don't feel like rewriting the post. Any input is appreciated. I'm still a teenager, I'm open to learning and engaging with people, but I'm not looking to debate anyone, I'm not good at that and probably will have a hard time keeping my cool. I will say though, the topic of SA is a really big thing to me, I have a really close friend who went through a lot, and they are very important to me, so Idk if that context will affect how I engage and intepret things people will say, but it seems good to inform people just in case. I'm also autistic and have ADHD, Idk if that is important to mention either. No one has an obligation to put more effort into accomodating for that stuff with how they word things, not trying to push people, and if I interpret something badly no one is forcing me to reply and argue, I have the ability to disengage. From my experiences, the post-left seems to do better with issues of neurodivergence compared to the left, the left can range from acknowledging it as an issue but not really engaging with it much to being very genocidal about it, depending on the space. Also, I do notice there is a lot more accessibility with things to read in the post-left as oppossed to the left, because there seems to be a higher amount of short and easily digestible texts related to post-leftism proportionally to the left, which admittedly is just from my experiences, but I really appreciate that for what it's worth. I'm getting into another topic though, and I felt like I mostly just used this to vent a bunch of thoughts, so Idk if it is coherent or appropriate for posting. Sorry about that if it is an issue.



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Fool wrote

I'll put it this way.

Anarqxista Goldman was fairly new to Anarchism and presented things that the ADOJA authors had previously covered into new language that people seemed to like.

Their big piece defending "paedo" was poorly written and poorly researched, they didn't know their history, and they didn't know the arguments being made by previous authors, but they talked like they did.

Wolfi on the other likes to shit stir. Wolfi hasn't written an article on the topic in a very long time as far as I'm aware.

Immediatism podcast has a number of articles on the topic (which is why I know anything about the topic). Oh yeah, audio books are good for attention span, I wasn't even thinking about that when I brought up Immediatism.


TheInsurGent OP wrote

Thanks for the info and the recommendation! I will say, I don't know if you heard about the situation with Anarqxista, or if there has been more info since I last saw stuff, but apparently they weren't a real person, there was a post here about it:

I'll definitely check out that podcast though. I am a bit iffy when it comes to researching topics like this and people's takes with this stuff, because I'm highly against exploiting and oppressing youth, and I don't want to support anyone who defends that.

I do recognize there is value to trying to understand these issues better, but honestly, it seems to me that pedophilia doesn't have anything to actually do with attraction, and is more just another way to try justifying wanting to take control of kids, just specifically in a sexual and relationship context. I remember there were studies a while back about how these relationships mentally affect youth, which I wasn't an anarchist at the time I saw these, but they found it can be very traumatizing for youth to have relationships with adults in general. While I'm not taking this from a moralist view, not that I don't have personal ethics about this stuff, I am taking this from the view of oppression, and I think youth probably have some of the most normalized oppression in the world right now.

I don't think youth have been assimilated into society in the same way other historically oppressed groups have, society's main way of keeping youth in line is through more traditional forms of oppression, adults using their authority to have direct control over their lives. Children are still considered property of parents in many cases. I'd need to research into this more, but I think youth are much harder to assimilate into society through the way other groups have been, youth can be much more curious, questioning, and outright defiant than many adults in my view, and that is a good thing, for lack of a better word. If you have any resources going into this stuff though, I'd be very interested.

I'm still in high school though, so I am coming to this topic from that view, and I also think youth liberation is the way to fight against the things that happened to my friend.