Submitted by ChaosAnarchy in Anarchism (edited )

So yeah recently I learned about my country supermarket brand(s) planning rolling supermarkets for some less populated areas.

But I feel like this is going to be totally climate unfriendly...?

Personally I also feel like this is making people even more removed from growing locally and being less dependable on the state and companies in general...

What do you think?



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Fool wrote

Rolling supermarkets? Like beating them up and taking their stuff? Or different type of rolling?


ChaosAnarchy OP wrote (edited )

No, like on wheels (mobile supermarket). They call it "Rollende Supermärkte"

According to the DW (Deutsche Welle, English) article it's supposed to reduce climate footprint, but I don't really see this is really this much of an argument. Besides, they're done by the entrepreneurs or of a supermarket brand, depending on what region it is.


subrosa wrote

If it invites even just a small percentage to quit driving it will probably not get a whole lot worse for the climate. It might also help remove the supermarket, that shitstain of an aesthetic, from our daily lives. But I also worry it will deepen dependencies on state and capitalism. We'll see I guess.


Majrelende wrote (edited )

Agh, anything and everything The Authority does is awful for the climate, and so I am in complete agreement. It doesn't matter what it is that Authority does, that is its nature. Thinking about it in a cosmological sense, it is a kind of hot and dry and laborious force. The only way for it to not do so is to do nothing. There is basically no way that it can create the cooler, moister, peaceful conditions that at the moment are better for the climate.

There is no use in judging it as good or bad. Smash the State and everything that emanates from it.


Majrelende wrote

expect poison forever, meadows paved over with concrete, etc. etc. etc.


moonlune wrote

so like a farmer's market but with shit food. nice.


ChaosAnarchy OP wrote

and depending on whether "entrepreneurs " do it or local supermarkets, it's just a small vehicle so people end up buying stuff next town anyways.


Joshuafall wrote

A lot of rural areas in the US don't have supermarkets so I would think it might be good to try rolling supermarkets in the US.


Fool wrote (edited )

I could imagine it being more climate friendly from the point of view of reducing waste, and being more efficient.

I imagine orders are made for delivery, and as such only the required produce is transported, rather than enough to fill a supermarket. Additionally, since quantities are specific, smaller trucks can be utilised, rather than gigantic refrigerated trailers.


256 wrote

It seems to be a thing in Eastern Germany that has grown out of fashion over the years, apparently because of some odd papers issue with the vehicles and resting hours, competition with malls (?) and flattening customer density.

I don't see the issue here TBH, this is nothing compared to supermaket and industrial logistics.

You could easily do this almost the same in anarchist spaces with a group of cargo bikes 'aquiring' or sharing needed supplies (tools, building materials, electronics, medicine, seeds etc.).