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PoisonDartFrog wrote

I hope they all choke on their liberalism.


ziq wrote

They have every privilege in the world, they'll live and die without ever realizing the misery and suffering perpetrated on others for their benefit.


DeathToAmerica wrote

And their obit will say what amazing special awesome generous people they were.


Defasher wrote

Just brilliant. They're honestly looking up at Obama like he's Jesus, lmao.


Anarcho_Tuga wrote

*liberal bourgeois democracy


zod wrote

Direct democracy is a big step up, but it's still very flawed allowing the majority of the population to impart their will on the minority.


theltrtduck wrote

What would be the alternative?


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

Another option is hybrid direct-representative democracy.
Representatives vote on issues (and have X% say, preferably 40% or so) and the people vote on the same issues (with the rest of the say, preferably 60%). This helps to prevent tyranny of the majority, keeps some of the positives of representative democracy, but also directly empowers every citizen.


zod wrote (edited )

Consensus is one option.

Edit: Just posted a couple different anti-democracy pieces that suggest interesting alternatives.


coinphrase wrote

Make the government the servant of the people, not the other way around. How can that be done when politicians are able to use mainstream media to turn themselves into cult figures? We must destroy all mainstream media.