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subrosa wrote

Oh, this is good! One part I found a little perplexing though:

Since our fight is a fight for ourselves, it is also a fight that is definitionally guided by practices that we have always-already agreed with each other about. This includes practices of mutual aid, communal property, forms of rule-making and consequences for rule-breaking, pedagogy and child rearing, and a variety of other topics that anarchist thinking addresses. These are not our prescriptions for all of humanity. They are the constitutional foundations of our own anarchist projects.

Wouldn't an anarchic encounter remain fairly unsure, undecided about what we "have always-already agreed with each other about"?

I'm also not sure what it means for a fight to be "definitionally guided". Maybe I'm misreading the whole point there.


Fool wrote

I just want to add, don't mistake the method for the outcome.

Just because Anarchists agree to undertake a practice, does not mean it is an Anarchist Practice.

It was just a thought I had while reading, not sure if it's really relevant.


cyb3rd4ndy OP wrote (edited )

why the fuck do the mods on reddit r/anarchism keep removing this.

I messaged the mod who did it. So weird.