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Archaplain wrote

this essay was how i discovered this site lol


bergra wrote

So what do you suggest we do if you think all industrial output is unethical? Everyone live in caves and eat berries?


kano wrote

Recognise it ain't gonna last forever and that it's collapse may well provide opportunities for anarchists everywhere.


bergra wrote

So for anarchists to have opportunities, billions of people have to starve to death?


Fool wrote

No, Anarchists find opportunities where they arise.

However, Globo Homo* requires massive oppression and domination of the world's ecosystems, which is unsustainable, making a mass kulling inevitable, excluding deux ex machina.

*Insert Utopian Name


Rat wrote

Billions of people are starving to death precisely because of aforementioned industrial output.


ziq wrote

shhh only white middle class western people count


GoddamnedVoodooMagic wrote

Pretty much my response to the "anticiv = no food", as though civilization and industrialism are getting hella food and not hovering right above the poverty line (if not already below it).


GoddamnedVoodooMagic wrote

Industrial society is the one starving billions of people to death and sacrificing them upon what is essentially a glorified blood altar. That's just human casualties, without factoring in animals, plants, waterways, the air, etc. And because industrial society subsumed pretty much everyone and everything into it, its collapse will lead to a lot of devastation, as LITERALLY ANY upheaval would. However, it would also lead to a lot more liberation and freedom, given that industrial society is a totalitarian bastard that wants to annihilate all life.