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ziq wrote (edited )

It is when you can choose different free food that's just as readily available and far more nutritious. It's not like you're starving.


Ishkah wrote (edited )

So the mere sadness I feel about crop deaths that happen in the production of bread should prevent me from dumpster diving bread otherwise I'm not truly relating to wildlife with dignity?

Me dumpster diving lots of edible material is fast and means money saved on buying food, which means I don't have to work to earn as much money, which means I have more time I can put into projects I care about like environmental ones. If I was growing a food forest and dumpster diving it would mean I could give away more food I've grown or leave more to wildlife. So, for me, all of that is relating to the wildlife that died in crop deaths with more dignity than I would be if I was leaving perfectly edible material in triple wrapped plastic in the trash.