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monday wrote

I never took this text to read from the beginning, but I remember when I was learning about green anarchism and anticiv this was one of the most referenced text. And it's an academic source


Majrelende OP wrote

It seems interesting so far, but dense, and also quite male-centred, the latter of which I don't like. Maybe it will get better.

I have been liking reading academic texts because they tend to be focused on explaining phenomena rather than necessarily bringing them about; in this case, anarchy. And honestly, if they are at all worth reading. Practical knowledge arises from familiarity; you can read a whole book about controlling something, or what should be, while knowing close to nothing at the end, but a book full of simple descriptions can hardly be read without inviting a plethora of ideas.

Most of anarchism seems focused on ethical or practical arguments, which is understandable seeing as to real anarchy's paucity of representation. It is inevitable, I think, as anarchy is somewhat antithetical to the concept of the public, and global communications--but not necessarily desirable.