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subrosa wrote

Can you give me an idea about Alfred Betschart? I'm always a bit hesitant about publishing Marxian academics. I wanna avoid not-an-anarchist dumping not-anarchists on the pile because they once used the word libertaire, opening the doors to more libertaire Marxists. That's probably not what's happening here, but maybe you get my concerns.


cyb3rd4ndy OP wrote

I haven’t dug too deeply into him, but he has published some other works in English related to Sartre. This text was just translated by René Berthier and permission given by Betschart last night. That said, I read the rough drafts already and have studied this topic extensively myself for years. I have much the same opinion as Betschart in this text. Make of that what you will.

I’ll try to find out more about him. Please let me know if something unfavorable turns up.