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ziq wrote

Wah I get to stay home all day wah I don't need to work wah I don't have to maintain relationships or interact with people


ChaosAnarchy OP wrote (edited )

it's actually a bit spooky because I'm long term unemployed since a few years now. As I'm age discriminated I don't even really get full welfare, so I can be a bit empathitic about him complaining only being at home (probably because social welfare is shit in the UK and/or you are too poor to maintain social relationships etc)

still the rest felt like excuses, when he announced "her" death I thought about reading one text but now I won't touch it with a 1000 foot stick

edit: oh and just as a small note before I'm heading to bed: for a person like Anarxqista that wrote a text about anarchist insurrection it's a bit ironic that they haven't done bankrobbery or smaller crimes yet, but I guess that train has been gone for them as their name is leaked.

not that I suggest/advocate anyone doing this here


BlackFlagBop wrote

Generally reads more like a solicitation for pity than anything else. It also almost entirely ignores the "deceptively coaxing nudes from people" aspect of the whole scenario.

He spends half of it defending the use of pseudonyms as if that's that people are angry about...


roanoke9 wrote

I wrote so many pages is a weird flex. What is the key to good writing? Volume, sheer volume. /s lol

Also, just the act of writing something incongruous with one's actions does not absolve a person of those actions. Because people can write one thing and do another. They also sometimes write a rationalization for a thing and then do that thing.


Majrelende wrote

I am gut-wrenchingly sorry for any distress I have caused.

O ye who read, read closely, and make ye learned in the insincere school of apology.


fortmis wrote

Opening paragraph subtext: "I was here first so...."