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ziq wrote

Wow, this is horrible.


anarresinfoshop wrote

The breach of trust is disappointing, certainly.

However, in events of misfortune, there are also usually some silver linings, perhaps lessons or points of discursive interest.

In this case, I would say that it is important to retain a certain cynicism when engaging with online personalities. There is always an element of fiction to what people present in their identity expression, online or offline, but even especially so when it is a digital expression. This cynicism is inherently limiting, highlighting the limitations of digitality itself, but it is not radically insightful or useful to abandon it either-- it is necessary to have skepticism toward the reality of such a ficitious way of being and interacting, as is created by the internet.

As we are compelled to use the internet more and more, this will continue to escalate as a problem. It deserves some reflection, in this moment.


fortmis wrote

Little did you know what kind of horrible it really was....


monday wrote (edited )


I will leave the old comment tho:

Besides the recent mastodon thing I didn't knew her that well, but her writings was in my never-ending list.. sad to hear a passing like this

Rest in power


asterism wrote (edited )

I just interacted with them online like a week ago.

Weird and sad.


veuzi wrote (edited )

Well that's fucking sudden



SnowCode wrote (edited )

She was just a name for me. I checked out some of her texts on the library and it seems she's the first person that so accurately describes my feelings toward hierarchy (related about relationships and stuff). Reading that I feel like I knew her. It's really weird.

This is really awful, she really seemed to be an awesome person. :'(

Rest in peace (and power), awesome person


roanoke9 wrote

My sympathies for those that knew Anarqxista.


monday moderator wrote

For reference, check this post - it seems we have been fooled again.


anarresinfoshop wrote (edited )

Did not know them, but this is fucking tragic to read. The problem of abusive relationships is awful, and has wide reaching consequences that are not well appreciated. Rest in power.

edit: apparently this "femme sex worker in a collective house in southeast europe" is just a manipulative fantasy persona used by a white cis man to gain unwarranted attention toward, and material gain from, their writing and other creative endeavors.

In the process, they wrote this bullshit story, which was upsetting to read, and cashed in on our collective trauma to elicit sympathy and tie up loose ends left by the lies, by telling a lie.

Fortunately, this did not work. And for my part, I feel rather insulted, my experiences and emotions degraded by the imitation's appeal to them. Reading this story pulled me down, personally. I imagine some other people feel similarly right now.


ArmyOfOne wrote (edited )


Is there any accessible platform where we can read her latest posts? That Twitter page is private, and apparently her Mastodon page was just a few days old.

May she rest in power.


madmars wrote

My last discussions with this person was prior to them blocking much of the twitter anarchist space back in May after they decided to reveal themselves to explicitly support sexual and romantic relationships between children and adults. I am not surprised by this at all.


dyopwenabelhelon wrote

Hey there! It's always interesting to hear updates on situations like this, even if they are fake. It's essential to be critical and fact-check information, primarily online, where things can easily be misconstrued or manipulated. I appreciate you sharing this update and the link to the source. let us know if there's additional news!


thecollective_watch wrote

Rest in Power, Anarqxista!

The anarchistnews collective parasites who can't wait to sell stapled Anarqxista pamphlets after years of deleting their comments and banning their accounts pretend to care after deleting a link to this tribute post on Raddle.

They delete comments of grieving people. They were no friends to Anarqxista. The aren't anarchists.

We need more anarchists like Anarqxista and less like thecollective. It's so unfair


asere_que_vola wrote (edited )

I wasn't going to reply to this comment, but seeing the comment from SnowCode below makes it feel like it warrants more of a response now. 1. In reply to SnowCode, no thecollective doesn't do this - Anarxista Goldman Smith never had an account on ANews, nor did they leave comments under a specific name or any that I have seen. The user thecollective_watch is straight up not telling the truth. 2. Which really needs to be the first thing said here, but why the hell are you posting this on an obituary? After ANews posted AGS obituary this registered user on Raddle left at least 7 comments trolling the post before they were moderated by thecollective.3. This user is known - they have been leaving terrible comments and apparently emailing ANews threats for a few years now. 4. I'm kind of glad they have a registered account here, so they can finally move on from posting to ANews. I can't believe I'm wasting my time responding to "thecollective_watch" but they are one of main ANews comment trolls if that tells you anything.


ChaosAnarchy OP wrote

yeah it was super vague and without evidence so I didn't really believed it. Good it was cleared up.


SnowCode wrote

Oh, thanks a lot for this response. I feel dumb to have initially trusted such a stupid statement without any proof.


ArmyOfOne wrote (edited )

Well that's the first time I'm hearing about these backstage conflicts involving trolls (I guess you must be referring to that particular Le Way scumfuck), and thanks for this.

I don't think it's a bad idea to post this kinda of stuff, as this might also help in exposing these basement keyboard warriors.

Down with all the creeps.


thecollective_watch wrote

You are the liar. Tell all these people your other user name and your role in the parasite collective.

If anybody saw Anarquixta's complaints on Twitter about being banned from Mastodon this is also part of that.

Their comments were also constantly removed for talking about youth liberation and youth sexuality on all of the other platforms these collective parasites control.

They own the means of production and enforce their rules. This is just damage control do not believe them.


ChaosAnarchy OP wrote (edited )

Oh yeah I can believe that with youth liberation and her being removed from left liberal / left radical mastadon instances, I had a brief talk with Anarqxista on twitter in May (not sure if I should share it). It's very unfortunate that people aren't willing to go at least near that topic.

I've read baeden for example and a lot of reactionary ideologies have the "children" in mind ("think of the children" from conservatives etc), meanwhile anarchism should also focus on having the youth being able to have as much autonomy as possible. I felt back then super restricted in what I could do, although I wouldn't say anything related to sex in that regard (I wasn't interested in it) and I don't know much about that topic tbh

edit: from the talk I had with her in twitter pms she said that she wrote an essay about this whole debacle... it's probably on anarchist library but I can't find it quickly. From her twitter pms the arguments she made was sincere and it was certainly not about having sex with young people. Anyone has a link by chance? I only have her words in the pms

edit 2: found the essay. I'm not really bothered to read it (because I think I got the gist from her pms) but now some people calling her outright a pedophilia apologist is just giving me a bad taste in my mouth.