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when_you_sleep wrote (edited )

depends on which anarchist you're making the question; an ancom might say "yeah sure as long as it's direct democracy", but if you ask me, an anarcho-individualist and other stuff, if i'm for democracy, i'll just say "no, and don't ask me those type of questions again"

basically there's no central opinion that every anarchist agrees with; there'll be always an anarchist that says yes and another one that says no


PragmaticPaul OP wrote (edited )

"no, and don't ask me [non-smart] questions again"... doesn't sound like a fruitful attitude in conversations.


tuesday wrote

I know it's a quote but can you edit your comment to remove the ableist term in reference to intelligence?


when_you_sleep wrote

well i don't really care about getting something out of these kind of debates, i just say what i think and that's it usually ¯_(ツ)_/¯