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roanoke9 wrote

I don't think flight and revolution are mutually exclusive- flight seems like doing revolution according to the art of war. Be where the enemy isn't. Though the options for flight are shrinking, so multiple tactics are essential even to accomplish this in 21st century.


Fool wrote

Surprisingly this was one of the first Anarchist texts I read. It was probably what made me so open to Anti-Civ, by flipping the narrative on uncivilized/primitive peoples I was receptive to take down of civilization.


Majrelende OP wrote (edited )

This book makes me think.

Firstly, these ungovernable spaces, to which one might flee are disappearing or have disappeared in most regions. The task of the anarchist, perhaps, is to create them. It's easy enough to roll a boulder or twenty into the middle of the road, if you have enough helpers and some good pry-bars.


Exlurker wrote

I know where it's sending me: Into my head, the last place I feel safe.