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when_you_sleep wrote

this is pretty good, you should post on the anarchist library as well


kinshavo OP wrote

This is from the crimethinc book Days Of War Nights Of Love, it's a tricky publication tho, it's formated like a zine, lots of cool bits and images


Ishkah wrote

I've started it off here if anyone wants to carry it on:

Obviously it can be posted to theanarchistlibrary or wherever afterwards, that site just allows half-formatted texts to be published for anyone to be able to carry on working on them.

I can highly recommend torrenting ABBYY fine reader also for the best pdf to word conversions.


Majrelende wrote

Aside from the fact that this has a source, do we need links to the text elsewhere?


vos wrote

We added the new PDFs to w/reading a while ago.

"Days of War, Nights of Love", CrimethInc. | PDF 1-page view | PDF 2-page view


vos wrote

The above text is actually also available on


kinshavo OP wrote

I guess I didn't looked hard enough lol.

But actually I only checked anarchist library and Duckduckgoed Days of War Night of Love.

The book is like a zine so the pieces were probably put together after some time so makes sense that crimethinc published separately in their site..