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capitan wrote

Reply to comment by ziq in Why Do Anarchists Burn Ballot Boxes? by ziq

I didn't down vote, but I did go in looking for real world examples of anarchists burning ballot boxes, but did not see any when I scanned through the essay.

Perhaps I missed that.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Not really interested in quoting the media in this essay


Found one on theanlibrary, might quote this since it's not from the media:

Rather than demanding jobs or better housing from the government, people have realized that it cannot be relied on and they demand that it gets out of their lives. This has happened over and over again in various towns and villages throughout Algeria.

The insurgents carried out their boycott of the election on April 8 with a general strike in Tizi-Ouzo. There were also road blockades, attacks On polling places, the destruction of ballots and ballot boxes and battles against the police. According to Algerian government sources, there was only 14% participation in the election in Kabylia and this figure maybe high.

Since then the activity of the insurgents has continued with more general strikes, road blockades, demonstrations and attacks on government buildings and officials, often ending up with the closing of of the buildings and the demand that the government officials leave.

The Algerian government tries to keep the insurgence isolated by attributing Berber ethnic goals to it. But the insurgents have made it quite clear that their goals are the end of police and military power and of the hogra, a term for the outrages of the rich and powerful against the poor

blocking of a polling station:


ziq OP wrote (edited )

someone on reddit found the original statement from the Athens anarchists:

they translated it, and I've improved the translation a bit. Gonna use it to open the essay I think:

Our ears are ringing from the desperate calls of parties and other political organizations for participation in the democratic election procedure. A small group of comrades, we were moved by their woeful vote begging and, armed with our determination, our desire for direct action and our sledgehammers, we participated in the democratic fiasco. Using all of the above, we smashed the system-of-delegates status quo that serves as the norm and formed our own terms of attack and sabotage, right inside the walls of their own little festival.

Thus, we claim responsibility for the invasion of the 33rd election center of Athens a few minutes before the polls closed, where we expropriated a ballot box. As we entered the premises, our eyes anxiously searched for the voting center's appointed police guards, but we discovered that while they were indeed present, they chose to play hide-and-seek with us (successfully, to be honest). As we departed, we left a gift to the living-dead party officials and the trash democratic volunteers of the electoral committee: A (stolen from the cops) tear gas grenade. A few seconds later, we surrendered the contents of the box to the only fitting fate: fire.

This action is a warm welcome to new prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his party New Democracy, who have promised to end us. We're waiting for you...



-Ballot-Stealing Arsonists