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you should do this because

-no taxes

-minimum wage is pitiful nowadays anyway

-workplace safety protections are almost never properly enforced

-you'll never collect social security either way. Just save up

-no stupid banks, no stupid tellers

-unemployment is hard to score anyway. Just save up the money you don't pay in taxes

-legally mandated breaks are never enforced

-you can make stuff up to cover gaps in your resume

-"legal" unions suck

-no bullshit interviews if you have connections

-you can steal and the boss has no proof you were ever at the worksite

-you can be a shit worker and the employers as a whole will have no record of it

-get the job with a friend and it's more bearable

Alternatively, if you are injured on the job, suing the boss (which totally works sometimes) won't be possible.



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Fool wrote

If you're working on top of a table you're probably being exploited too.


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

incredible, this is a great critique of leftism. A radical making a post about how one should do exactly what the government tells them to do so you can get blessed security. Its literally just caving to authority so authority will help you. Which is exactly what they want you to do. Imagine if everyone stopped paying taxes and work and industry couldn't be controlled by the government. That would be chaos, the government being unable to control and surveil way less activity. The all so classic tag life (do what the government wants and the government will throw you some scraps).

Edit: to clarify I don't think working is based. But if you are going to work working in ways that the government benefits less and controls you less are better. The government can't garnish wages to pay your loans if they don't know you work. They can't take your money if they don't know you work. I don't think its a great plan but its always better to fund the gov less and lessor avenues for them to control you.


figwasp wrote

There’s a million ways to legitimize “under the table” work to get most of those things, including social security credits and work experience, but the fact that you said “unionization isn’t legal” both cracks me up and tells me this wasn’t a good faith argument.

The state has been trying to make unions illegal all along. If we waited for labor rights to become legal, we’d all be working barefoot in factories 7 days a week in locked buildings without fire exits, alongside our children.


veuzi wrote (edited )


  • cash in hand (if you get paid, that is)
  • easier to get this kind of job depending on your contacts
  • don't have to worry about taxes
  • all work sucks and is exploitative so the pros and cons of being "under the table" or "over the table" don't really matter


-you will have to use sabotage or physical violence to fight for yourself

Sounds pretty good. Should do that in "legal" workplaces too.


Classicide2Announced OP wrote

Have fun finding an apartment when you have no tax returns from the last five years. Or a bank account.

"Just live in a squat," is what you're going to say,

Most people would rather not live in a home where there's a 90% chance the sheriff and his goons will break in and evict you within a few months. Also, you'd lose all your stuff. What if you had kids, for example?


veuzi wrote

Not like I'm gonna tell you what to do lmao. I'll worry about my own shit and you can do the same.