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Join the one big union comrades. We are non explicitly anarchists as we are open to many political tendencies, but the IWW is organized along revolutionary syndicalist lines meaning that we are non-hierarchical. We are dedicated to the many things that are anarchist principles. In effect, we are very much anarchist in spirit. (I myself am an anarchist)


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I've been a wob for a couple of years now. Met lots of anarchists through it. Not entirely convinced a union is the way to go, to be honest, but the IWW's heart is in the right place


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The IWW Welcomes All Workers:

Historically, the Wobblies have always focused on helping organize those workers that the American Federation of Labor (AFL) shunned. ... Today that means curbside recyclers, non-profit staffers, temp workers, sex-industry workers, co-op employees -- in short, any worker in any workplace regardless of size or structure; even those the AFL-CIO considers too small or unimportant to organize.