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Tequila_Wolf wrote

The link to Sprout Distro's zine "Clash of Communities" didn't work, I'm just gonna post it here:

This short zine offers a critique of the concept of “community.” Based on the writer(s) experiences at the 2015 occupation of the 4th Precinct police station in Minneapolis, the zine explores the ways in which “community” functions as a nebulous concept that has no real meaning. Instead, they argue that it is a contradictory term that means one thing to one group, another to another group, and still something entirely different to another group. Invoking the idea of “the community” is a hindrance to radicals rather than something that helps them, as it glosses over difference and nuance. Moreover, it is a concept that is routinely invoked by the state and others who seek to control social movements. Ultimately the authors conclude that there is nothing redeemable about the rhetoric of community.