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Terror_Incognita wrote

Hi everyone. Yup, im new in these parts.

I really enjoyed this. Similar to everything else I have read by Ziq, the critique of leftism is strong and bold - the way it should be since too many anarchists continue to tip-toe around leftists in the first place. Liberalism has seeped into what used to be (un)safe spaces, turning danger to safety, sterilizing anti-oppression with coerced morality and so on. All in the name of "community" and "equality" when the concept of both lay the very foundation for civilizing domestication in the first place.

I also enjoy this piece because Ziq takes on a position that refuses the same pathetic tendency for anti-civ nihilists, individualists to go on the defensive whenever leftists try to get physical. And part of the reason for that is because leftists make up the majority of those who host anarchist bookfairs and events to begin with. And so in order to circulate 'our' ideas, we have to water-down our behavior in order to secure a table. I wonder how anarchy would play out when "safe spaces" are transformed into spaces of acknowledged confrontational potential. Ideas on anarchy become just as domesticated as the lefts when leftists are allowed to materially strong-arm their worldview onto individualists and nihilists.

As Ziq beautifully illustrates in this text, anti-civ anarchy really is controversial. Not because it is "anti-civ" but because it is anarchy fully realized and taken to its logical conclusion. Anything less than anti-civ is nothing more than a communal re-arrangement of social order. But without morality and all other socially constructed "spooks" there is no "order" to re-arrange.

ITS or Wild Reaction, despite my or anyone elses critiques or opinions, is a living breathing example of ungovernables who mock any and all leftist attempts to subdue them with words, academic texts or guilt-tripping morality. These groups and individuals have demonstrated the ability to carry out attacks, evade State capture and flourish without the authoritative permission of "The Movement" or "Left Unity" etc. It behooves anarchists (and leftists) to acknowledge the reality of permanent (violent) conflict before and after civilized collapse. ITS and RW won't vanish or whither away due to any influence other than their own desire. Conversations and debates about these particular groups or individuals only serve to expose the desperation of supposed anti-authoritarians, to control and suppress those considered "undesirable" - the same way the State continues to have formal meetings on how to undermine and neutralize the radical left.

Anti-civ anarchy allows for the least social governance by critiquing the very foundation of industrial society - and even any and all mass societies, communities, communes and formal collectives. It allows individuals to reclaim individuality and recognize the distinction between society and the individual. And so within anti-civ anarchy there will be individuals of all sorts, unique and with histories and influences that shape their desires. And this is why leftists - those who attempt to group individuals together to form social order - are both terrified and staunch enemies of anti-civ anarchists.

Really happy to see this text! Thanks for sharing/writing it!