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deeppurplehazedream wrote (edited )

Could we change the anarcho_capitalism forum here on Raddle to anarcho_crapitalism or something more "accurate"? You know, to help make it clear what it is and more importantly, is not:

Even a stellar source of knowledge such as Wikipedia makes the distinction clear:

"Anarcho-capitalism is distinguished from both minarchism, which advocates a night-watchman state limited to protecting individuals from aggression and enforcing private property,[21] and anarchism, an anti-capitalist movement which holds that capitalism is incompatible with social and economic equality. Anarcho-capitalists reject the libertarian socialist economic theories of anarchism, arguing that they are inherently authoritarian or require authoritarianism to achieve, while believing that there is no coercion under capitalism. Despite its name, anarcho-capitalism lies outside the tradition of anarchism and is more closely affiliated with capitalism, right-libertarianism, and liberalism.[22][23][24][25][26] Traditional anarchist schools of thought oppose and reject capitalism, and consider 'anarcho-capitalism' to be a contradiction in terms.[27][28][29] Anarcho-capitalism is usually seen as part of the New Right.[25][30]

Sorry LL, it's true. LOL.