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moonlune wrote

The Duponts are not anarchists.

Then 10 years later they were found to be liberal yuppies with 1-2 kids living in a gentrified area of town.

These comments kinda imply that they've mellowed out with time. Older anarchists here, do you feel like you or your friends have mellowed out too? Has your vision of anarchy changed much since your youth?


Silverfish wrote

My husband, myself, and many of our friends are on the older side of Gen X. I wouldn't say we've mellowed out, our worldview has gained more nuance and tact based on new information and trial/error, but far from making peace with the system or becoming more conformist with age. Arguably I've become more of a realist in my praxis and outgrew a fatalist phase I had when I was in my 20s.

Ideologically, if anything I've become less and less aligned with liberal political theology, starting out when I was young as a social democrat, then anarcho-communist, then post-leftist, then situationist, and now I'm a post-civ eco-anarchist. I mainly changed my views based on reading/discussing theory but also through personal experience with local politics which I've been active in since I hit puberty.


Fool wrote

It may be preferable to maintain the affect of the happy fool

Can do!