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subrosa wrote

You never start from scratch.

I think the main reason I generally don't bother with breadtubers and anarchist youtubers is that they get stuck with one foot in the door. High on recognizing (and getting comfortable with) the implications and dynamics of anarchy, the tendency is to tell everyone about it. Short-and-sweet primers, explaining the beautiful idea to average folk, to newbies, to a hopefully-massive audience. In very general terms.

What I would love to see more of is anarchists daring to get into deep waters, and carrying conversations further rather than starting new ones, restarting old ones.

To go there it is necessary we simply ignore Chomskyites and right-wing libertarians, leave them unmentioned, and assume that our shared idea of anarchy is already fairly radical. Assume we already speak roughly the same language, that we have already wrestled with some of the difficulties and complexities involved. Leave us some gaps to fill in ourselves.

I'm not saying youtube needs another pseudo-intellectual quoting from a dozen theorists while unnecessarily introducing specialized vocabulary instead of getting to a point.

What I'm suggesting is, talk to anarchists rather than would-be, could-be anarchists.

But maybe none of that is fair when I'm currently busy dunking on Graeber, lol


Haruki wrote

What I would love to see more of is anarchists daring to get into deep waters, and carrying conversations further rather than starting new ones, restarting old ones.

Video was so basic and entry-level, I got bored within a couple minutes. It's cool to see another person echo anarchist sentiment, but I don't engage with anarchist "content" to feel validated (I care not for others' approval). I seek out places like raddle, with essays and links and conversations, in hopes of pushing beyond my limited understanding. Continually preaching to the unconverted means approaching discussion on their terms. and so, we get videos with comments asking to recontextualize anarchy based on marxism or markets or some other equally beaten-to-a-pulp dead horse.

If an anarchist isn't inspiring the ire of respectable society, then perhaps what they're saying isn't so much radical as it is reaffirming milquetoast platitudes under the guise of edgy aesthetics. I rather have more ziqs. Zero aesthetics, constant provocation.


ziq wrote

I like how scattershot and frantic their videos are, jumping from topic to topic like they're running out of air

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someone should cut this into a music video