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ziq wrote

I like how scattershot and frantic their videos are, jumping from topic to topic like they're running out of air

anarchy hierarchy chaos no restraints anarcho-capitalism free market states social conventions deconstructing liberalism libertarianism political structures cultivating autonomy individuals autonomy autonomy best interest holistic zoomed out birdseye understanding hierarchy coercion act in your best interests individualistic not the situation the cool thing one cool thing understanding individual collective interlinked exist in a feedback loop individual community can't thrive solitude can't thrive hivemind cultivate trust safety multiple options safe good welcome choice options coercive element certain choice act coercion no consequences purpose cultivating autonomy relationships show up authentically authentically desire utopian relationships expectations responsibility obligation triggers feeling unsafe fear relate with one another safety freedom zero sum game exchange freedom security freedom valid constructed ways of relating not that much fun funner better i want that for you for me i want to talk about the things all the things document everything fascinating conversations worthwhile resources best path no hierarchy situation no end state no achieve anarchy let's drink always deconstructing practice continual movement not rigid focused outcome way of life choose things betterment things anarchy good for your health ideology philosophy anarcho-relating re-center the anarchy anarcho-relating really fucking the tits can't say the tits branch off of anarchism

someone should cut this into a music video