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Styx wrote

Reply to comment by ziq in The Problem with Hierarchy by ziq

But you are not writing it for yourself! You are writing it because there is something in you that wants to get out in the form of text. So you just release it and move on with your life.


ziq OP wrote

personally i write to taunt people, so i guess i could write anonymously and still do that. but the vitriol i evoke wouldn't be nearly as concentrated or enjoyable


Styx wrote

You do you! To be clear, I'm not saying that we should all start anonymising our texts. This is not about whether there is some name attached to a text or not, but about how corrosive the very idea of authorship is to every aspect of writing.

Just think about how this need (or want, or whatever) to ruffle feathers affects what you say and how different your writing would be without it.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

just the idea that pissy little shits obsessively hate-read everything i say is enough to complete me