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Styx wrote

Reply to comment by LittleHelp in The Problem with Hierarchy by ziq

A discussion can benefit from being able to associate the words of a person with their experiences and actions. A discussion may also benefit from making known who contributed to that discussion, for example in order to follow up on it or find more context.

And this is precisely why it needs to go. It's a spook to think that just because I said something smart once that I'll continue delivering. My past contributions should bear no weight on what I'm doing now because for all you know, I'm might have gone full fash and I'm just being really sly about it. Look at the entire Chomskyist cabal -- just because Chomsky had a few enlightened views on US imperialism, this now means he is the single most important anarchist writer and even more revolutionary linguist, even though nobody really knows what that 'universal grammar' thing really came down to and even fewer people know that no linguist is taking that shit seriously.

We have to start judging ideas on their own merit, not on the merit of who wrote them and what they wrote before and how they fit within this person's entire oeuvre. This entire industry has to be burned at the stake.


zoom_zip wrote

i agree with everything you said about murdering authors


subrosa wrote

zoom zip and you won't wake up

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Styx wrote

And then down the river Styx where they all belong...