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ziq OP wrote

Reply to comment by AnarchyPull in The Problem with Hierarchy by ziq

Sure. but if i wrote an essay that just repeated all the points and even entire sentences directly from someone else's essay without citing them, and ended it with 'please send me money for my work', I'd catch so much shit.


ShadesPath wrote (edited )

Every time someone cites you they get shit on though. Andrew played it smart and let your criticisms be voiced without the redditor crowd going full deplatform mode after seeing your name.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

can we stop pretending anyone can get cancelled for being associated with me

im not a deeply problematic person

i live alone in the woods with my cats, take photos of wildflowers and troll privileged settlers on the internet

im probably the least problematic person you know

i just rub leftists the wrong way because i won't conform to their (neurotypical, colonialist, racist, workerist, authoritarian) standards and constantly gnaw at everything until it breaks open


Styx wrote

Why do you never show us your photos of wildflowers??


ziq OP wrote (edited )

afraid of geolocation shit. apparently even media outlets can pinpoint an exact location based on a landscape

they do it all the time to determine if e.g. photos of corpses were taken in a Ukrainian village


Styx wrote

Yeah, thought it was for privacy concerns. Bummer!


ShadesPath wrote

The issue isn't that you're a problematic person but rather your politics and online activity are points of contention that draws negativity merely by mentioning your name simply because you have a group of people dedicated to seeing your name dragged the moment it pops up.

This is a long way of saying that you yourself aren't the issue but the people who don't like you are.