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hellofriendilu wrote

Reply to comment by Styx in The Problem with Hierarchy by ziq

the day that I find an ML suggesting an anarchist piece of theory is the day that I will die.

from shock.


Styx wrote

Fuck tankies, but even the more 'reasonable' socialists don't generally care for what we have to say.


hellofriendilu wrote

if they were actually ideologically consistent then they would be. what do they imagine is achieved after the withering of the state? or is it that they don't actually believe the state would ever wither so they don't need to trouble themselves over what would come after? 🤔


Haruki wrote

Does anyone care what anarchists have to say? Not even anarchists like other anarchists.


ziq OP wrote

I care about what I have to say. I say all the things I'm thinking.


Haruki wrote

I would expect nothing less of an anarchist. Respect.

and lol. I said a similar thing to my friend when they were talking shit about me dropping out of school. As if I care about what the academics think of anarchy. Graeber's making the rounds and I'm getting Chomsky flashbacks.

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