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deeppurplehazedream wrote (edited )

Where I live there is the government collection/transfer site to get rid of stuff. The stuff is transferred to the dump when the containers get full. The workers are mostly fine with taking stuff- but the rule is you have to ask first. If you don't ask they'll stop you and tell you it's not allowed and then you have to come back after it's closed and hop the fence and hope what you wanted is still there, and get it back out over the fence etc., much more work, and it's not allowed. I mostly go for the metal bin. I got a Giant bike, an old but good Huffy, a nice mower, all in the last few months. I have a long heavy-duty pole with a hook so I can just fish the stuff out. One story I heard was someone was diving in a unit and the worker didn't know and started the compactor...the diver screamed and got out ok. I realize the article is mostly about food, but there are many other possibilities.

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