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ziq OP wrote

any ideas for mutualist texts? i can't read that stuff, it gives me a headache


Potkea wrote

Same here honestly. Although Proudhon is pretty good.


subrosa wrote

Been getting comfortable with my 'black label mutualist' label. None of that red+yellow = orange (basically a weak red) shit. Lacks a clear distancing from C4SS stuff, maybe I should add "bad people's" or something.


subrosa wrote (edited )

Mutualism under an 'economics' header would likely give headaches to many more people.

There's a ton of proposals for mutual banking/credit, and continuations of Josiah Warren's "equitable commerce" project. There's Carson doing a synthesis of a bunch of libertarian currents, with keywords like "stigmergy", political economy, technology as liberating, and a focus on non-Marxist value theories. And then there's Proudhonian stuff, in other words Shawn P. Wilbur trying to bring back "collective force" type analysis. Shares about as much common ground as whatever may fall under individualism.

A list might include...

So, Idk, maybe skip on economics. Or make it a mutualism category. Or mix the commie texts with the mutualist ones, make it share a header.