130 years ago today, American anarchist Louis Lingg committed suicide after being sentenced to hang for the Haymarket square bombing. His alibi: "I couldn't have thrown that bomb. I was at home making bombs." twitter.com

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"On November 6, 1887, four bombs were discovered in Lingg's cell. Lingg committed suicide on November 10, 1887, the day before he was scheduled to hang. He used a blasting cap smuggled to him by a fellow prisoner. He put it in his mouth and lit it at 9:00 AM. It blew off his lower jaw and damaged a large portion of his face. He survived for another 6 hours—writing "Hoch die anarchie!" (Hurrah for anarchy!) on the cell stones in his own blood before guards came—until his death at around 3:00 PM." - Wikipedia


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161 wrote

legit my fave quote ever


alqm wrote (edited )

"My ancestors are smiling at me, imperials! Can you say the same!?" (quote from the game TES V: Skyrim, thought appropriate)