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moonlune wrote

It's one of the text that I use to introduce anarchism to libs.


subrosa wrote

doesn't look like it, tho an AudibleAnarchist reading got posted a while back, without much response

Not a bad image Gelderloos is painting here. I like "Roosters welcome every dawn." That sounds lovely.


Alphazero OP wrote

Yeah, also good to show to An-prims when they throw same arguments libs use that direct action is not viable in large scale.


moonlune wrote

it's not real thought. closer to a dream than reality, not really showing anything?


Alphazero OP wrote

if you say so, i guess? anything specific that sounds non realistic enough for you?


moonlune wrote (edited )

I mean in the sense that it's not an example of or an argument for anything because it doesn't exist and is only a thought experiment for now.