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For most of my life I allways felt I want to do X but I don't have Y. I can't garden, or compost or, learn water collection or do electricity storage and other non off grid related stuff. So I allways thought I need to get Y to start. When in reality most things practicing with what u have is vastly more important. I am way more limited by training than I am things. Take for instance many things I am learning to do I could have started before I needed to. Just because I have access to well and city water doesn't mean it's still not useful to rig inferior sources.

Learn to catch water in the gutter with an extremely cheap source. Sure it's useless, redundant and not something u will keep but u gained an important thing training. Now it is way way easier to do the big important job as u have done it on a smaller scale.

So often on Thai forum the idea of eating to be more self reliant is focussed on I need to live rurally or get more money or whatever. Even if ur in a city many people have the access to get the practice and training which is far more valuable. As u can adapt to what u have and be less reliant on material conditions.

If u wanna live off grid first put on some rubber boots, a couple of buckets and learn to sneak pond water from parks into your apartment so u can practice purifying. Sure it's way shittier water but it's learning how to get different sources and constantly doing and learning and living anarchy that is important.

And second lesson the belief that I can't do it today. I often make plans for how I will do anarchy in the future and I think honesty it's a complete waste of time. So often people have hopes on what they can do or what they want to do tomorrow. Nah I think all that is relevant is what u can do today. U either do it or u don't. Maybe in a year u will be able to do that big thing. But plan jng something out that u can't do now is a waste. It's completely useless to me bc I'm living right now and not in a fantasy future that u can't prove to me exists.

Fuck plans. U do it or u don't. It's that simple. Fuck all the complicated anxiety inducing bullshit and why I can't do x or I need to wait for saif material conditions to change before I can do the thing I want. Fuck that noise. I will do what I want now or It won't happen.



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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

To clarify u are limited by what u have but learning how to do what u want and live anarchistically with what u have regardless of need is vastly more important than getting the thing that u just need to do anarchy.