just left reddit

Submitted by Redditsux in Anarchism

havent picked a 'gnu' name yet!! is this place good, i got sick of all the bootlicking liberals on reddit that infest all the subs like /r/linux

is there a 'worst liberals' forum here because i would like to hold a contest?



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AnarchoJustice wrote

I'm quite happy that this site has maintained its quality and solidarity despite having a giant link at the top of /r/anarchism. I feared a lot of reactionaries trying to brigade us. Hope it doesn't happen.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Seems we're pretty good at dealing with brigading historically, and though it can be stressful I wouldn't say it's harmed us at all long-term.


seitanicqueer98 wrote


Redditsux OP wrote

can we name and shame the worst redditers there?

or maybe start here?


ziq wrote

Badmouth away.


Redditsux OP wrote

theres one transphobic piece of shit /r/linux mod.... is dox cool on this site?


[deleted] wrote (edited )


Redditsux OP wrote


ill put something together in a new thread later? my friend is really good at dox, I send code to him and he doxes for me, u know? from each their ability to each their need ;)

if you need someone (reddit or other places) doxed i can get it by tomorrow, just let me know, he owes me a favor atm


XANA wrote

This Sounds like a good site to me then!


zombie_berkman wrote

i left r/linux after ESR said that "SJWs" are planning to set up linus with false rape chargers and shit broke loose


zod wrote

link to your deleted profile or it didn't happen


Naokotani wrote

I hear you, but I am actually pleasantly surpised how many liberatarians there are on /r/linux. It is unrealistic to expect everyone who uses linux to be in that vein though(though it would obivously be nice).


lambda wrote

I think that's related to the free software versus open source debate. The open source advocates tend to be libertarian.


marxist wrote

Are anarchists generally opposed to libertarians or do they like them/share some of their views?

Obviously the low government involvance, but what about more societal and economic questions?


Naokotani wrote

I think the terms are roughly analogous, but many distinct movements fall under the guise of each that don't necessarily get along.