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yetanotherusername wrote

im mostly mad at their suggestion of "take a media break." like where do the authors live where the only horrors they see are in media. im on media cause im taking a break from horrors IRL right out my window. fuck em.


bloodrose wrote (edited )

im mostly mad at their suggestion of "take a media break."

The people I have seen taking a social media break as we all discuss the effects of the scotus decision are people who will not be affected by it: cis men, cis women post-menopause, rich people. It is a very privileged take to say "take a media break." People who are affected by this can't just decide to ignore it.


Kinshavo wrote

I think it's not fundamentally wrong from a liberal centrist pov. The far-right referenced there, is what we came to know as alt-right. The alt-right was a movement that hijacked language and aesthetics from the "Left", mostly the more extreme tendencies.

Many alt-right people share the desire for a complete destruction of the status quo, but at the end they are reactionary because they serve a purpose. Whe they start to get loose the leash will be tightened again.

I wouldn't expect anything different from wannabe moderate centrists, the liberalism need this passivity anyway