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I was bored at school, so I printed out Bob Black's Anarchy 101 to read in class. I asked our really cool math teacher with help stapling the booklet, and he stapled it for me. He then read the title out loud to the class, and everyone looked at me suprised (for context, there are only 7 people in this H.S. class).

The discussion devolved into unrelated issues, but I was able to peak the curiosity of the kid sitting across from me. I lent him the pamphlet and he read it. He told me it was interesting.

Regardless of wether he becomes an anarchist or not, by reading the essay he'll never look at anarchy and anarchism the same way again.

And that, friends, is a small victory.

EDIT: I am aware of Bob Black being a piece of shit. If possible, I would've given that kid another intro, but its what I had on hand.



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moonlune wrote


did ur teacher say anything interesting?


Potkea OP wrote (edited )

A little bit.

I think he mentioned something about anarchy being not inherintly bad, but that was a brief snippet and the convo soon moved on to the leaking of SCOTUS's abortion draft.