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Every end (from the world) presupposes a fresh start!

"Do we live, the proletarians, do we live?
Does the weak medicines we take would not be
The disease that erodes us? "
Guy Debord

I call for a collective adventure in generalized joy and freely interdependent exuberance.
Bob Black.

black-clad warriors in blocks facing the repressive State apparatus, rhizomes of community free radio oppose the corporate media, peasant uprisings and indigenous peoples rebel against multinationals, squatters networks questioning the speculation. Contrary to what the mass media shows, today the world explodes in rapid and promising changes and each of them is just another piece in the mosaic of this movement in time.

The future ain't what it used to be indeed. And this phrase reminds us how dark the future may look like if it were our own ability to actively intervene in the present world, thereby resulting in what's to come. The Protopia is our intervention proposed in this state of things in a world that depends on our actions gathered for that may exist. The end of history is a daily fact, it happened and still happens every time rather than assume an active role in their direction, crossed his arms and let the tide of political institutional conservatism play all that we are in the abyss of a passive voter-worker-consumer.

Protopia is the turning of the tide, a reterritorialization strategy that seeks, above all, to take an active role in the construction of libertarian spaces. There is nothing more exciting than being the propagator of the discomfort of those who once thought of themselves as masters of history. Utopia as the impossibility of overcoming this system and all the social ills that surround us is a lie that was repeated for a long time by many mouths and gained an air of 'truth'. The top is only unattainable when we give up on reaching it. Protopia is the possible topia; a proposal of collective climbing, simple, and at the same time subversively complex, destined for those who are no longer content to boast that the king is naked.

Defining Protopia in eleven steps

1 - Give up waiting for the people's revolution, the communist messianism and for all the miracles that promise the reform proposals of the Social Democrats, as the historical experiences clearly show, this type of initiative never transform society or result in liberating effects.

2 - Get away from all forms of spectacular action, whenever they are pro-systemic, or forming themselves into some form of escapism. Abandon also all actions that lead nowhere as boredom and free revolt, the insulating madness, depression and hypochondria. Knowledge -for-knowledge and the Art for art's sake only incur in sameness...

3 – Set off secretly in search of the Y, of the conjunction of wills, initiatives and projections, seek the hidden encounter and move away from the centers of power and the mechanisms of the society of control. Seek out other people of free impetus, form ways of collective action until an intentional community emerges.

4 – Don't pay more taxes, try to invest your resources and your time in the collective search for energy, housing and food autonomy. Establish exchanges of goods and services with peasant groups, libertarian eco-villages, popular organizations, indigenous villages and quilombola/maroon communities.

5 - Give preference for clean and renewable technologies, techniques in balance with the environment such as permaculture and Earthship. When you are a neighbor of the waste society, macro-recycling can be very interesting. (tires are not just tires, but a lot of potential things.)

6 – Promote communicativeness to isolation, move seasonally, if initially it is not possible to live outside the Machine full time, divide your time between your old daily life and the creation of this new form of sociability

7 - Act for the growth of this rhizome of autonomous zones, encourage and assist other groups in the emergence of new communities. Choose the blind spots of the system, prohibited zones and other map sectors where capital and the state are weaker or even omitted. Mutuality, unity and exchange are priceless in a world where the system overcomes the hostility, by competition and division. Get ready to watch the emergence of libertarian enclaves.

8 - Constitute an imaginary shared location, meeting places, study groups, living spaces, and especially joint efforts circuits, parties and days of celebration. Every free person in the Mondo Cane and every piece of land released, are themselves reasons to celebrate.

9 - Prepare secretly for the conservative reaction of the state and capital. Once the tactic is discovered, you can be sure that wield its apparatuses of repression and slander against us. Always be articulated with the network. Not motivate conflict (ahead of time), every successful oppressive operation who scores point are they not us.

10 - Throw sneak attacks through the hidden Web hidden to system pillars, release propaganda and popularize libertarian thought ; manuals to abandon the capitalist chaos and build (or join) autonomous communities off the map. In one of these autonomous spaces, surrounded by free people life certainly will be worth it.

11 - Seek the empowerment of collective in the disempowerment of the state and capital, and never fall in love with power.

While the initiative Protopia is in permanent reconstitution, it is open to everyone who wants to participate effectively, and anyone that can identify with the proposal and want to take part in it are welcome. We are at the beginning of everything and anyone can contribute their own ideas or actions, or at their own will.



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Majrelende wrote

Choose the blind spots of the system, prohibited zones and other map sectors where capital and the state are weaker or even omitted.

I can say this from observing the forests and other wild areas: most seeds need bare soil to germinate and grow, but once they are established, especially trees and rhizome-spreading plants, they can become very prolific.

The problem is ploughing and herbicides.