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Our goal is to wrest the knowledge of dusty shelves and forgotten books, and spread it around like who sow seed in the land. Plucking especially the old libertarian principles of forgotten coffins, these knowledges and stories of freedom, towards this society where justice is social and not capital, the freedom for which so many have lived, suffered and died.

Anarchology are and will be the necessary knowledge that spread throughout the human world, sometimes fought by charges and cannons, sometimes silent like the deep ocean. We will not steal the history, since, like this new world that each of us leads within it, it insists on returning from the crumpled photos and yellow pages in the form of other means of information. Knowledge is emancipating from the property, so it will be the turn of people and this time will come. It will not be enough to say that the king is naked, we will not stop until he is headless.


"The animal that causes more deaths in the human population is the mosquito." (Wikipedia)

"Big Brother is Watching You, so Learn to Become Invisible". (Graffiti wall in English)

The Ninjitsu - Hacker - the saboteur, a spy.

Thee psychic attack - stealth and action - Use culture against itself

Justice takes shady paths in a world where the laws are unjust. Throw your action without a trace, it must draw attention to be effective, not you. Do not get caught ever! - the prophet say. You should enjoy carefully of Orwellian paranoia, and really doesn't exist, does not exist to the point of anyone suspecting you, be "normal", weirdly normal, be aware of your actions and speeches, do not let the obviousness transpire, camouflage into the crowd of flocks and tribes if needed.

The agent of Chaos has no identity or reports to bosses, they are their own boss, they flies acrobatically like a butterfly and stings like a bee. His missions are notorious and spectacular and its effects are long lasting, but they are the opposite: ephemeral, humble and anonymous; They had several aliases: Luther Blissett, Timoteo Pinto, Robin Hood, Wu ming; They are anti-secretive, anti-sect, anti-secret-society; They work with groups and with other agents but is not bounded by dogmas or ideas; Their battlefield is the mind. The more develop their psyche and astral skills, more agents can be awakened from the matrix. Remember illuminati zombies want to devour you.

History shows, but it does not teach. Agents - ninjas - the Hashshashin - the Luddite - the shamans. They were renegades of their time and age, and more everything changed, things still were the same. The Assassins, although puppets, were efficient in their purpose and penetrated virtually any circle, their network was well articulated, to their time they were all chaos agents. Ninjas and the Tongs were the fantastically mysterious popular uprising, somewhat cheap thugs, but responded with actions to the status quo, to their time they were all chaos agents. The machine-breakers workers had class consciousness and unionized, but precisely this rancid syndicalism tamed them, to their time they were all chaos agents. Shamans chanted mantras, casted curses to the colonizers, they bathed the silver and gold with blood of the earth, to their time they were all chaos agents.

Pirates of the 21th Century, unite! The No-Name gunslinger's dream, powder and lead have no more effect than fireworks, what counts it is the consequence of the acts, how many minds it will wake up, how many territories it will reclaim for itself. Hacker be Cyberpunk, encrypt your soul, and the bureaucratic Sphinx will not devour you. The front of this war is the cyberspace, the ethereal mists of consciousness.


"Get out of the way of Justice, she is blind!" ( - Stanislaw Jerzy Lec)

The science of becoming - the caravan - disempowerment by the absence - the denial of political and linguistic borders of the old order: Nations are prisons. The experience of the wanderer. The displacement and obtaining resources.

Nomadism is a way to relate to the surrounding environment, both physical and cultura, as psychological, becaus these three aspects are one and the possibility of interactions with this environment is virtually unlimited. The nomadism asks this, to test the interactions with the environment.

Every day you go from home to work and from work to home at the same time? You have lunch at the same restaurant and talk to the same people about the same bland paid TV series?

Why do not you get lost? Not arrive at work early and prepares coffee or read the boss's agenda? Expand your horizons beyond the grueling routine. Continue the overwhelming routine, whatever it is, if it is for something more than money, vacations, drugs or other futile compensation.

Have more than one home, live among them. Have more possibilities, experiences, people with whom to interact. Considering alternative routes, supplies and any setbacks. Yet knows to orient the manifestations of nature, but also knows how to orient in the web.

Do you know how to make a fire? Have you ever suffered a trance and turned into another being, with other powers? Have you ever jumped into the land of the unknown? And found himself lost, passionately lost? Have you ever felt the shiver down your spine of the unimaginable?

Think different and implement this difference. We are governed by natural laws and social laws, but we use of the nature and as a society, we create and manage these laws that govern us. Govern? Still govern? Just because we, many, do not establish something different. Borders, laws and obstacles are in the mind.

Nomadism is this. The nomadism is psychic, is internal ... but it is also this action by modifying the external, in the web, in the collective I'm in. It is devoting to destroy, it is devoting in building from other nodes, built with the same social rope. For we can not do without the exchange, but we can change, or even eliminate the money. We can think of other alliances between the human and the cosmos. We insist on everyday pedagogy to a new ethic and a new spirituality. We manage another territoriality, without any property. And so on.

Nomadism is a strategy of the present, of the now, it is almost a quantum Dharma. It is not a nomadic strategy, but the multiplication of micro-strategies, synchronously aligned, a swarm of liberating ideas.

Nomadism as a concept is a war machine, designed to withstand the monolithicism, to transcend the domestication and alienation. So it's a strategy of awareness, openness and strength. It is a movement strategy for the movement.

Nomadism is a tribal strategy, based on the community, hospitality and trade, people to people, with and from feelings and sentiments. These values are essential for the survival of the nomads. The nomadism is a strategy for those who do not want to give up their freedom.


The art of dialogue and the primacy of mutual understanding - manifesto against party logic - conversation techniques - mediated dialogue vs. unmediated dialogue - indigenous knowledge about the art of telling and listening.


Architecting and constituting spaces of freedom

The primacy of the balance between space and human action - the ambience and the re-enchantment of everyday communal life.


So to have cohesion in any group, it is necessary that there are more than rational goals agreed among all. It is necessary a shared Imaginary, something that goes beyond reason and a gives a certain enchantment to everyday life, given that reason we can't find. This is why societies throughout history have developed religions, creeds, etc. People to live in a community, must above all believe in the same things. These things give meaning to life and make it all part of an imaginary system in which, because there is something supreme, untouchable, there is an enchantment of life. However, we must remember, this human need was often used as a way of concentrating power, either in the clergy, either in the nobility.

For collective life you need to have and maintain references and habits in common. Things that give meaning to life and make everyone share the same imagery. That's what makes us to recognize each other and we want to stay together. But one has to be aware that scoundrels of all times sought to handle this common principle as a means of concentration of the power he wields.

Let's go back a few millennia ago. Certainly life at that time did not start as a concept of separation of what is rational, real and what is imaginary and unreal. The Greek gods lived among humans and although no one saw one, it did not make much difference. What mattered was that their stories, their legends, their fables, served to encourage community life, love life, to work, to life in every way. It was kind of a joke, where adult children used Gods thoughts (which actually was the common sense of the community) to give a non-rational sense to sex, love, hate and all that was possible. The gods laugh at us today, but back then, humans also laughed at the gods.

Perhaps this is a good way to rescue what we must understand how the core of the imaginary: the imaginary is not static and should never be, but that does not stop us to talk, write and do what we please without make any rational sense of it. The important thing is to laugh at ourselves and the gods we create.

Thus we can, for example, ask each member of the collective create a religion. Or we create one, or several. The important thing is that we can have cultural values that, while we secretly know their lack of sense give us meaning to everyday life. Obviously our pagan festivals will not be like the Christian ones, it will not be based on the virginity of a saint, but in the promiscuity of a Titan. Go out naked on the street is a great suggestion as worship of the gods, once a year, or a day, whatever. Bacchanalia washed down with wine in winter, and orgies in rivers and lakes in the summer. We can create greetings by kissing the breasts (in women) and kissing the ass (for men) to be used daily. Or we can simply create the day of confession, where everyone speaks their sins in front of everyone and we can not reproach the attitude of an equal, or perhaps we can slap or a fart in the face. The fart, by itself, could, why not be a divine elevation attitude. No matter, the important thing is to create bizarre things which give meaning to life that can, in lonely moments, seem so pointless.



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