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cyberrose wrote

What's your definition of both terms?

For me liberalism is about the individual and it's freedom but mediated through the state and thus some kind of collective. This means capitalism and nationalism is part of liberalism and builds a complex. Leftism (not sure what that means; here "the left" exists but no such thing as leftism) on the other hand is, for me, a broad term gathering different types of collectivisms. The focus for me is not solely on the individual but on some dialectic between individual and collective. This means there are forms of leftisms where the collective dictates what the individual should do but this does not have to be the case; there may also be collectives which aim to extend individual freedom through the freedom of the collective. So for me it does not have to be hierarchical by definition and is neither bound to economics or state or nation. Also the theoretical foundation took different parts and originated in a critique of liberalism. Not sure why one may want to use them inter-changeable.