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ay so a little while back the collective's RV (which functioned as a portable safe rest place, and a library, and another much of other things in the works like a portable shower, harm reduction tour bus, etc.

well it got stolen. we thought that was the last of it, but we tracked it down, VIN confirmed and all, to salem, OR.

Now we got people keepin an eye on it, working on getting our keys restored, and all that. but there is a serious possibility that this thing isn't in working order.

Our dream is to move out of the WeWork-style office we rented to make into an insurrectionary library, and find a big vacant lot we can rent or squat for at least 6 months, hopefully longer. then, drive or tow the RV there to the lot, immobilize it permanently or semi-permaently, and have it used as a safe rest site, a garden project, and a community space/library/harm reduction hub.

If we could do this, it could spawn a reclamation of the entire neighborhood we put it in, to reverse gentrification. we desperately need yall help to make this happen.

if you have a tow truck which can tow large vehicles (30' RV, for example), or if you have experience working on Fleetwood Bounder chevvy gas-powered RVs, we need help with both maintenance and towing.

we are poor as fuck and need solidarity. if you help, you could be part of something truly magnificient and anarchist.

Thank you, please contact us here if you can help. Repost on all platforms. We are in Salem and Portland OR, USA.



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anarresinfoshop OP wrote

havent gotten any response from here. thank you for pinning though, hopefully others will see this.

if you cant do anything else, you can throw us dolla on . but what we really need is someone who know somebody with a tow truck, to help us tow the thing to where it needs to go.