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subrosa wrote

to more contemporary writers like Bob Black, Noam Chomsky, and ziq.

now that's a trio


tuesday wrote

I wish people warned me about how much reading is involved in anarchy. Everyday, there's a new text, article, book, blog, post, podcast, video, discussion, etc etc.

Isn't there a joke about the feds trying to infiltrate an anarchist group and complaining about how much reading they had to do?

found it: Infiltration is made more difficult by the communal nature of the lifestyle, under constant observation and scrutiny, and the extensive knowledge held by many anarchists, which require a considerable amount of study and time to acquire.


SnowCode wrote

I love how every time "ziq" is mentioned somewhere, it creates a stupid debate lol.


ziq wrote

We should write a giant nonsensical manifesto filled with utter lies so feds study it and then we can easily spot them from their talking points.