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The "disorders" that are psychopathy and sociopathy seems to be mostly a "scarecrow" to correspond to the absolute evil and immorality in the heads of people.

So I guess there are already stuff written about those notions (like anti-psychiatry and stuff). This whole thing pops in my mind because a good friend of mine said a very... weird thing to me.

Saying that the only reason they don't harm people, is because otherwise they would go to jail. (the context was when talking about gore and sadism)

They remain my friend, and I don't care if they're identified with whatever disorder. It was just a perspective and a way of thinking I could never have considered.



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deeppurplehazedream wrote (edited )

Thomas Szasz The Myth of Mental Illness, 1960. Not sure if it's exactly anarchistic, but I found it helpful.


lettuceLeafer wrote

Ur falling for the problem of wanting to be a uwu nice anarchichst than an anarchist. The proper response to people would be mass murderers without prison (slavery) is IDGF


SnowCode OP wrote

I do still have empathy though. So I cannot stay indifferent.


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

This seems to be the irony of empathy. The person who cares not (me) doesn't have any trouble not supporting one of the most despicable things a human can do slavery while you can't even think of a reason to not enslave people u dislike. Fundamentally speaking I find supporting an institution culturally, financially ect not much better than actually bulling the trigger. I'm mostly joking tho I'm trying to find the right words for the funny wordplay about this situation out of fear of those who will hurt others for their own fun u and your friend discuss hurting and basically torturing people for your own emotional positive gain empathy. Your friend are what they seek to destroy and you clinging to empathy keeps u on a path that blurs the line between you and ted bundy.

Not really criticizing you just thought it was funny.