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Terror_Incognita wrote

"Bc the reason one enjoys attacking the state is due to a larger social goal."

So did you go around and ask everyone, and get a general consensus on this? Or are you just assuming a representative role and making a universal assumption as to everyones (uniform) motive for why they attack? And surely there are individualist anarchists who attack people (and maybe even random) as well.

Why do you just assume everyone acts in accordance to your singular perception of individualist anarchy? It is silly for you to assume you know the basis for everyones personal enjoyment. Some god-complex shit goin' on lol.


lettuceLeafer wrote

No bc it's illogical to think otherwise if the individual enjoyment is also not derived from attacking no leftists targets like workers or random people ect.


Terror_Incognita wrote

So you are the expert on logical thinking when it comes to other individuals and their ideas on enjoyment eh?

Individuals are capable of enjoying activities without requiring or even being aware of the politicized nature of such activities. Lettuce, have you ever set something on fire and watched it crumble? Or stolen food and gotten away with it? These individual acts stir up emotions that relate to the individual engaging with them. They don't need to have an end in of themselves or be a "goal" in order to be pleasurable.

It is strange that despite seeming to defend individualist anarchy, you dismiss the individual agency in determining what is enjoyment and what is not...Perhaps you don't enjoy these activities due to your assumption that they are exclusively leftist or collectivist objectives lol. And in a desperate attempt to distance yourself from leftism you deprive yourself of engaging with any activity you have ideologically surrendered to the concept of leftism.