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subrosa OP wrote

The individualism vs collectivism position-taking here doesn't offer a whole lot that hasn't been done a dozen times already. I wish they'd drawn out some more out of this though:

I believe a probable explanation for this could be an understanding of how institutions manipulate one’s perception of reality. As industrial society expands, so does its visual influence.


Looting and setting fires to grocery stores doesn’t have to be rational or logical to take place. I believe these activities are simply the result of freedom in bloom during moments when law and order have been torn to pieces. These moments of rupture often happen when the fury of raw emotions outweigh fear - the primary weapon of institutional power. Without the fear of legal consequences, poverty, or social isolation these institutions are exposed as nothing more than a house of cards.

Anarchists don't just need to say what only anarchists can say, we also need to produce and realize images that only anarchists can dream up. Even store-looting and setting fires have predetermined, "civilized" reaction-plans.

What I'm interested in is breaking laws they never thought of writing, be a nuissance to "business as usual" in ways that escape assumptions about the hows and whys. Playing invisible trickster, producing publicity stunts without branding or resolution, magic without intended audience, culture as a dare,... something along those lines. There's potential, I should explore it some more.