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Boomers' complaint.

Ageism is nothing new. It’s old as the age when a humanoid crawled from the muddy slime into the sun light. Those youngsters who think they are invincible, and nothing can hurt them will find out. That is why history repeats itself, because the younger generation repeats the same mistakes over and over again. I don’t blame the young generation disliking my generation. Putin is my age and I also dislike him. All the wrong Baby Boomers get all the attention and the cool Baby Boomers get left behind in the waiting room of death. American Medicine must be reformed. It’s a matter of humanity. Old age awaits you and you will be going to the doctor. If you think ignoring medical needs makes you a macho man, you pay the price and pay big. I write about this problem on my blog. Click on the link.



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