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You will always become what you hate (Old American adage)

The Conservative Zoomer see themselves as modern day Revolutionaries. Fighting the woke corporations and liberal Elitists. Fighting left wing racists and sexist Feminists. January 6th 2021 was like our Chicago police riots of 1968. The Truckers Protests in Canada were like the French Student and Workers alliance of 1968. 
The conservative critics said the Baby Boomers New Left was we were puppets of the Soviets Union. Not true. The Stalinist regime made it illegal for Russian youth to listen the Beatles. Why? Because the Beatles Glorified capitalist culture. Though it was legal to listen to the Beatles in the states, right wing groups like the John Birch Society said the Beatles were promoting degenerate sex and hypnotizing the blue blooded youth of America into Communist Zombies. 
What the poor saps don’t know is that are being used as Brown Shirts for the 1%. This not a paranoid conspiracy theory. Just go watch videos from Prager U and it will do bad things for your nervous system. I get more detail in my post on my Blog. Click on the link below.



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Fool wrote

I hate death, I bet I'm going to die one day.

(I enjoyed the post too)